Todd Glander For Becker County Sheriff





Becker County Sheriff


Sheriff Todd Glander has announced plans to seek re-election to a second term as Becker County Sheriff. Glander was elected Sheriff in November 2014, taking office January 6th, 2015. Sheriff Glander states, “Many of the people of Becker County, colleagues, professional partners, and friends, have encouraged me to run again. In the past three years, the Sheriff’s Office has enhanced and strengthened our ability to protect the lives, rights, and properties of the citizens of Becker County, while focusing on accountability and professionalism.”

As your sheriff, Glander has:

• Advanced the standards of professionalism within the Sheriff’s Office through clear expectations, sound leadership, and improvements in training and technology. These advances have ultimately resulted in a team of professionals providing more patrol time with better and quicker response to residents’ concerns and calls for service.

• Re-implemented the K-9 program with overwhelming financial support from county businesses and residents.

• Reintroduced the Triad program, a cooperative between seniors, law enforcement, and community groups.

• Worked to identify and reduce elder abuse in Becker County by joining with neighboring agencies; and invited the Minnesota Elder Justice Center to Becker County for cooperative training to form a multi-disciplinary team.

• Worked to reduce regional gang, drug and violent crimes by supporting the drug task force. Glander’s department currently has deputies assigned to the West Central Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force and the FBI-Headwaters Safe Trails Task Force.

• In an effort to virtually eliminate the financial burden of out of county boarding; and to improve the overall system of corrections in Becker County, Glander worked with the community and County Board to construct an efficient modular style correctional facility

Contact: Sheriff Todd Glander
PO BOX 1164
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502

Ph. 218-850-4447


Quality law enforcement doesn't just happen. It takes years of training and experience. That is why I'm voting for Todd Glander for Becker County Sheriff. Todd has over 30 years of law enforcement experience and, since being elected sheriff four years ago, has strengthened the relationship between the sheriff's office and every first responder group in Becker County. He continues to move forward with the new jail, additional training for officers, and updated equipment. On November 6th, please vote for Todd Glander for Becker County Sheriff. Paid for by the Todd Glander for Sheriff Committee.

This is Todd Glander, your Becker County sheriff. For the last four years, I've worked for you. But there is more to do. It has been a privilege serving as your sheriff the last four years, and I would be honored to serve the next four. I would appreciate your vote on November 6th so I may diligently continue moving toward our goals. My loyalty belongs to the people of Becker County. I'm asking for your vote on November 6th. Paid for by the Todd Glander for Sheriff Committee.

This is Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander. As a life-long resident of Becker County, with over 30 years of law enforcement experience entirely in Becker County, I have the the experience and training to continue moving the Sheriff's Office forward in today's challenging times. Our new jail facility, updated equipment, and more effective officer coverage throughout the county are just a few of the improvements that have been made since I've become Sheriff. I ask your vote on November 6th. Paid for by the Todd Glander for Sheriff Committee.

Todd Glander for Sheriff Committee, P.O. Box 1164,

Detroit Lakes, MN 56502.